Artist Statement

As someone with a wandering eye and a fluttering mind, my interaction with everyday images and individuals becomes a flurry of line, shape and color. The subject matter, of my paintings, stems from my incessant desire to observe the materials worn by those around me. What began as a surface interest has gradually escalated into understanding my need to create a dialogue with those around me. Whether inherent or learned, there is a message human beings send out with what they choose to wear. This means of communication has the ability to expose connections to one’s personality, status and background. In my observation of others’ clothing, I have found myself questioning their need to reveal or conceal.

Materials worn on the body exist as tangible, functional objects. I want to remove them from where their purpose is clear, and create an alternate world where their existence is called into question. As sources for my paintings, clothing no longer has a conventional meaning, but exists as lines and color. There is an uncertainty about their fabricated environment. Have these images developed from direct observation or are they invented? I welcome connections made from the viewer’s imagination and experiences.

Painting gives me the opportunity to devise a world that has not yet existed. A world where once what was in real life, now exists in a transformed, reinvented and revived state.